Why tws earphones are so popular ?

In 2016, Apple officially released the wireless headset airpods. Since then, TWS earphone was born. The so-called TWS headset is a true wireless stereo headset. It has the advantages of stable communication, excellent noise reduction performance and long standby time, which bring users a good experience. At the same time, these advantages have become the industry benchmark of TWS headphones, which has triggered a wave of wireless headset reform. Therefore, the popularity of airpods makes TWS earphone become a new generation of consumer electronic explosive products.

As a popular consumer electronics product, TWS headset has the following characteristics:
1.Real wireless: get rid of the trouble of wire entanglement.
2.Bilateral stereo: improve sound quality and call quality.
3.Multiple perception: enhance user experience and build smart voice.
4.Small size: comfortable to wear, easy to use and easy to carry.

In addition, TWS headset has the following five key technologies.

The first is Bluetooth connectivity. Manufacturers who first developed true wireless Bluetooth headsets have been plagued by disconnection, bilateral delay and power consumption. Therefore, the major manufacturers have been focusing on solving the Bluetooth technology transmission problems such as Bluetooth disconnection and delay of TWS headset. Bluetooth connection technology has also become one of the key technologies of TWS headset.

The second technology is related to the quality of headphones. Although Bluetooth technology has been promoted to 5.0 in the consumer market, Bluetooth headset still uses the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile standard formulated by Bluetooth 2.1. In addition to physical hardware factors such as speaker material, the sound quality of TWS headset is mainly related to Bluetooth codec technology, master chip performance and audio signal transmission mode. In the use of headphones, the sound quality is also a point that users care about. Therefore, the related technology which will affect the quality of the earphone is also one of the key technologies of TWS headset.

The third technology is active noise reduction technology. In the scene where people use earphones, the most common noise is outdoor, so noise reduction is particularly important for headphones. The function of active noise reduction (ANC) is to neutralize the noise by generating the reverse sound wave equal to the external noise through the hardware noise reduction system, so as to achieve the effect of noise reduction.

The fourth technology is endurance technology. As an electronic product, the endurance of TWS headset is also a factor that people will consider when purchasing. Increased endurance can be achieved through advanced process, but it means high cost.

The fifth technology is intelligent technology. The intelligent function of TWS headset is mainly reflected in the connection with intelligent voice assistant, which will meet the needs of consumers in their work and life. The high cost will need a lot of shipping to apportion. Therefore, how to improve the endurance at the minimum cost is also one of the key technologies of TWS headset.

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